Friday, 15 April 2011

teAr 0f sOng

StAnDing aLonE on tHe stAgE..
I caN hEaR apPLausE gReEtiNg me..
LoOking bAck at tHe paSt..
How mAny tImEs i fAiLeD..

How loNg ive wAitEd..i
 kEep teLliNgmySeLf t0 hOLd oN..
WhEn i hEar tHe appLauSe.I dEepLy unDerstAnD yOur lOve is hEre wiTh me..
When i hEaR tHe apPlaUse,i unDerStaNd thAt yOu bEloNg witH me..

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